New DYNATEK™ Articulated Loader Reduces Barge Loading Times and Cost

Date: September 24, 2012
Contact: Gary Kuehneman
Director of Sales & Marketing
For Immediate Release
Office #: 001.262.392.2162 Ext. 260
Cell #: 001.262.370.4524

New DYNATEK™ Articulated Loader Reduces Barge Loading Times and Cost

DYNATEK™ recently released a new articulated loader design that can dramatically improve the efficiency with which 180 x 52 foot, 16-hatch hopper barges can be loaded with dry solids.

Using a traditional barge loading system, it is common for the loading process to require as many as (9) barge position changes and a tug-based, 180 degree barge rotation to access all infeed hatches and fully load the barge. All of the position changes and time that can be spent waiting for a tug to arrive and rotate the barge can easily reduce loading rates to less than one barge per day.

DYNATEK’s solution was to design an articulated dual-arm, loading system that featured a 40 foot reach radius and a rotational range of up to 330 degrees. Using this loading system configuration, a 180 x 52 foot, 16 hatch hopper barge can be fully loaded without the use of a tug at all and with only two winch-based position changes. At a loading rate of 25,000 cubic feet per hour, a barge can be loaded in 7 hours VS a day or more. Fewer barge position changes and shorter loading times significantly reduces loading costs and positively impacts loading safety.

Dynatek Articulated Loading Systems, a division of D&D Products, designs and builds articulated truck, railcar and barge loading systems based on auger, belt, drag and air slide conveyor technologies. To learn more about DYNATEK, barge loading or help with a specific application, call 888.853.5444 or visit

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