Tough, Versatile Bulk Loading Systems - Save Time and Money

Bulk solids loading systems are our passion at DYNATEK and it's been that way for well over 100 years.  But not just any loading systems - we specialize in articulated loading systems.  Why?  Because cost effective, optimized loading depends on delivering product to very specific hatch locations or loading points in a stationary transport vehicle, quickly and easily.  Articulated loading conveyors do just that.  It's why DYNATEK's EconoLoaders™ have been selected time and time again by plant owners and designers for truck, rail car and container loading applications in the biofuels, grain, chemical, plastics, fertilizer, minerals and power generation industries.

Optimized For Each Application

Choose application-proven screw, belt, drag, air slide or pneumatic conveying solutions and post, haunch or platform mountings that match the material and load-out location perfectly.

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Built For Tough Duty

EconoLoaders™ are built to last. Operational lives routinely surpass 25 years in some of the most demanding environments with only minimal preventative maintenance.


Built For Maximum Versatility

Articulated EconoLoaders™ eliminate the need to move most transport vehicles, even when loading both trucks and rail cars in the same loading center. With nearly 360 degrees of pendant controlled, powered rotation and up to a 30 foot reach radius, EconoLoader can be horizontally and vertically positioned quickly and accurately over each loading hatch.

Over the years, DYNATEK has successfully handled a broad range of bulk solids loading requirements for companies like BASF, OMYA, Fagen Engineering, Akzo Nobel, Dupont, General Mills and Nucor Steel. So, challenge us with your loading needs and find out why DYNATEK Articulated Loading Systems are preferred by so many!

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