• Stainless steel or galvanized conveyor housings
  • Shuttle conveyor widths > 16 inches
  • Loader coverage for > 65 ft railcars and hopper trucks
  • Pneumatically or electrically-actuated discharge control gates
  • Passive dust containment using dust suppression hoppers
  • Retractable loading spouts with 2 to 20 feet of vertical travel and dust recovery

DYNATEK’s shuttle-type EconoLoader™ is a perfect solution for single bay loadout areas. Additionally, they can be designed to accommodate almost any loading rate as well as abnormally long railcars & trailers such as 85 – 100 foot long Super-B grain trailers.

Shuttle loaders feature a single open top belt, screw or drag conveyor configured with a bottom-side discharge port on each end. Each port is equipped with a flow control gate that can be opened or closed to eliminate spillage from carry-back. The conveyor is attached to an electrically-powered bridge crane – like trolley that rides on an I-beam mounted over the centerline of the loading bay. During loading, the operator uses a cabled or wireless push-button pendant to move the trolley left or right until the left or right discharge port is positioned over the hopper area that is to receive material. The pendant is then used to choose the direction the conveyor needs to run in order to carry material to the selected discharge port and to start the flow of material to the infeed of the shuttle loader. The operator then continues to reposition the trolley and change the conveying direction as needed until the transport vehicle has been completely loaded. A segmented flexible zipper seal on the top-side of the conveyor provides dust containment while allowing the conveyor to move freely underneath the material inlet.


Construction: Single, linear, dual discharge, reversing belt, auger or drag-based conveyor mounted in an open-top mild steel or stainless steel housing.
 Loader Reach: From 40 to 65 feet
Loading Rate: Up to 30,000 cubic feet / hour
Loader Positioning: (2) motorized bridge end trucks and (2) sets of push trucks form an I-beam mounted trolley controlled by a wireless, handheld push-button pendant, allows the operator to move the loader left-to-right or right-to-left over the center line of the railcar or hopper truck and discharge out of either the left end or right end discharge.
Dust Control: (2) segmented panels constructed from Rubberized conveyor material form a zipper seal that closes off the upper side of the conveyor but separates around the infeed chute as the shuttle loader moves back and forth.
Finish: Mild Steel galvanized or White metal sandblast; Devoe™ Bar-Rust 235™ primer coat; Devoe™ Devthane™ 379UVA Urethane Gloss Enamel finish coat
Control: Fully wired, NEMA 4 control panel with main disconnect, palm button-type Emergency stop and wireless, handheld push-button pendant allows operator to move Shuttle Loader left or right, select conveying direction, start / conveyor operation and start / stop material supply.

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