• Stainless steel frames and conveyor housings
  • Air Slide conveyor sizes > 16 inches
  • Loader reach radii > 27 feet
  • Special infeed and discharge transitions
  • Post, haunch or platform mounting
  • Retractable loading spouts with 2 to 20 feet of vertical travel and dust recovery

DYNATEK's air slide conveyor-based EconoLoader uses gravity to convey materials that have been lubricated with low pressure air forced through a fabric conveying deck. Conveyor arms consisting of carbon steel structural box frames and conveyor housings, abrasion-resistant, polyester fabric conveying decks and blowers, are strong and versatile enough to convey everything from DDGS to abrasives like fly ash and cement at rates as high as 20,000 cubic feet per hour. And since air slides are totally enclosed and have no moving parts, they're quiet, dust free and require almost no maintenance.

Like all DYNATEK loading systems, air slide conveyor-based models feature articulated motion. Two slewing gear-based pivots, enable both conveyor arms to pivot separately, for nearly 330 degrees of rotation and a reach radius of up to 27 feet. Loading is fast and convenient because you position the loader, not the truck, railcar or barge being loaded.

Construction: 1st and 2nd conveyor arms consist of 316 stainless steel air slide conveyors mounted inside of carbon steel structural box frames
Loader Reach: 22 feet from inlet CL to discharge CL for truck loading; 27 feet from inlet CL to discharge CL for railcar and barge loading
Loading Rate: 8 to 24 inch wide air slide conveyors can load at rates up to 26,000 cubic feet / hour (material dependent)
Loader Positioning: Hydraulic or electromechanically-driven slewing bearings rotate each arm up to 330 degrees horizontally at 180 degrees per minute
Finish: White metal sandblast; Devoe™ Bar-Rust 235™ primer coat; Devoe™ Devthane™ 379UVA Aliphatic Urethane Gloss Enamel finish coat

Fully wired, NEMA 4 control panel with main disconnect, palm button-type Emergency stop and wireless, handheld push-button pendant allows operator to rotate arm 1 and 2, raise and lower a load spout, start / stop conveyor operation and start / stop material supply

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