100 Years And Counting...

Dry bulk solids take many forms and vary widely in terms of particle size, bulk density, moisture content and flowability. That’s why experience, as well as science and technology, plays such a key role when designing a bulk loading system that will function properly and serve you well for the next 25 or 30 years. 

For DYNATEK, developing that experience and knowledge began over 100 years ago, when its founder, George Manierre began designing and manufacturing articulated conveying systems to load coal and other bulk solids into boxcars. Today, DYNATEK still uses some of those original concepts along with 3-D CAD design, FEA analysis, better materials, state-of-the-art power transmission technology and modern control platforms to create the EconoLoader™ Articulated Loading Conveyors in use throughout the world. We’re proud of the load-out systems we’ve built and committed to making sure you are as well.


Industries Served

DYNATEK EconoLoaders™ are currently being used to load trucks, rail cars and containers in a wide range of different industries including biofuels, power generation, chemicals, minerals, plastics and food processing. DDGS, oil seed, calcium carbonate, salt, fly ash and coffee are just a few examples of materials currently being conveyed.  Contact DYNATEK to see if our belt designed loading systems are a match for your application!

The Value of Location

DYNATEK Articulated Loading Systems, a Division of D & D Products, Inc. is a full-function manufacturer located just outside of Milwaukee in the small rural community of North Prairie, Wisconsin. Our proximity to Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago has proved valuable to both DYNATEK and our customers. In addition to being in close to (2) international airports and (2) shipping ports, our location has given us access to the experienced managers, engineers, welders and fabricators that make up DYNATEK’s staff. Come for a visit!


Earned Trust & Confidence

At DYNATEK, we strive to deliver value and exceed our customer’s and potential customer’s expectations every day – response times, quote preparation, order fulfillment, product quality & reliability, service, support and affordability. Earning our customer’s trust and confidence is the single biggest key to a successful future and we strive to accomplish that goal every day. We encourage you to test this claim.

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