New DYNATEK™ Dual-Discharge Shuttle Loader Maximizes Loading Efficiency for Hopper Trucks & Rail Cars

Date: April 24, 2015
Contact: Gary Kuehneman
Director of Sales & Marketing
For Immediate Release
Office #: 262.392.2162 Ext. 260
Cell #: 262.370.4524

New DYNATEK™ Dual-Discharge Shuttle Loader Maximizes Loading Efficiency for Hopper Trucks & Rail Cars 

North Prairie, WI:  DYNATEK’s newest loader design has quickly earned favorable reviews for the dramatic improvement in efficiency it offers when loading single and/or double trailer (double-doubles) hopper trucks or rail cars with dry bulk solids.

The heart of the new shuttle loading system is a conventional 45 foot-long drag conveyor that features a discharge port on both ends and a drive package that enables the loader to convey in either direction.  The entire conveyor assembly is then attached to an overhead dual end-truck-powered trolley that also runs in either direction.

Using a wireless (RF) pendant control, the operator has the ability to choose which conveyor end to discharge from, which direction to run the conveyor and which direction to move the loader to properly position the selected discharge point.  Brake motors on the trolley drives enable the operator to move and hold conveyor positions with ease.

Loading rates for DYNATEK’s new Shuttle Loader vary from application to application but overall DYNATEK supports designs that can deliver loading rates up to 500 TPH (based on 40 lb. /ft3 material).

DYNATEK’s new Shuttle Loader also takes dust control into consideration.  Since material enters the loader from above, and the loader must be able to move horizontally, the top of the loading conveyor is open but features a “zipper seal” that’s used in conjunction with dust pick-up points on the material supply tube, to capture and control any dust generated by the drag conveyor.  As the loader moves back & forth, the zipper seal separates only around the material supply tube as it passes.  Additionally, dust suppression hoppers or retractable load-spouts are used at both discharge points to minimize the amount of dust generated by the loading process itself.  Click on the “Applications” tab at for videos of the Shuttle Loader” in operation.

DYNATEK™ Loading Systems, a division of D&D Products, designs and builds truck, railcar and barge loading systems based on auger, belt, drag and air slide conveyor technologies.  To learn more about DYNATEK Loading Systems, visit or call 888.853.5444

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