Add New Private Page and Grant User Access (login to admin dashboard)

  1. Add New Role
    1. Go to Members>Add New Role
    2. Role name: “Company – Location”
    3. Click [Add Role] button
  2. Add New Page
    1. Go to Pages>Add New
    2. Title: “Company – Location” (same as in step 1.2)
    3. Parent page: User Portal Pages
    4. Template: Blank No Container | Header, Footer
    5. Assign role permissions for page (check same as in step 1.2)
    6. Click [Publish] button
    7. Edit page with Cornerstone
      1. Choose template – “Users (Clients)”
      2. Add user’s private content
      3. Click [Save] button
      4. Preview page in new window
      5. Copy the url to your clipboard
  3. Add New Page to Menu
    1. Go to Appearance>Menu
    2. In the Add Menu Items box, find the new page and check its box
    3. Click [Add to Menu] button
    4. The new page will appear at the bottom of the menu on the right side of the page
    5. Drag-and-drop into place under “Docs”
    6. Click on the down-arrow on the new page
    7. Make these changes:
      1. Display Mode: Show
      2. Target: Logged in Users
      3. Target Role:
        1. Check box for new role (same as in step 1.2), and
        2. Check box for Administrator
    8. Click on the down-arrow on “Docs” page
    9. Check box for new role (same as in step 1.2)
    10. Click the [Save Menu] button
  4. Redirect Rule – (Optional)
    1. Go to LoginWP>Redirections
    2. Click [Add New] button
    3. Select Condition: User Role
    4. Select Company – Location from list (same as in step  1.2)
    5. Login URL: paste page url from above
    6. Logout URL: /home
    7. Click [Save Rule] button
  5. Add New User/Assign Role
    1. Go to Users>Add New
    2. Complete form data, including password
    3. Check box for User Role (same as in step  1.2)
    4. Click [Add New User] button
    5. Click on link to Edit new user
    6. Uncheck box to show toolbar
    7. Click the [Save] buton
  6. Logout and go to login page to test correct access with credentials from step #5